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Thermal Temperature Detection Solutions

Many businesses are now contemplating installing temperature detection solutions near the main entry of their facility to prevent the introduction and spread of the Coronavirus.

These temperature detection zones require reliable, fast, effective ways to measure human body temperatures and to identify those with abnormal readings so they can be pulled aside for further evaluation or refused access.

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Thermal detection camera system

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Integrity - One of the reasons Sound Protection was founded was to provide customers with a sense of integrity that they’d be unable to find elsewhere. Those values are engrained in our corporate culture, and we seek to bring them to our business day-in and day-out. We vow never to take advantage of our customers.

No Contracts - At Sound Protection, we value the residents of Utah, and vow never to take advantage of them. This is one of the primary reasons we offer “No Contract” options. Too often, customers forgo protecting their home because they are worried about committing to a long-term contract. When working with us, this should never be a concern.

No Pressure - We believe that our products and services speak for themselves. That’s why we’re never going to pressure you to buy something in which you’re not interested. We will do our due diligence and provide you with the knowledge and information necessary to make an informed decision. From there, the choice is yours.

Flexibility - At Sound Protection, you are not limited to standard security packages. We will come up with a comprehensive security solution that allows you to feel secure in your home. We understand that houses can be entirely different, and what works for one customer may not work for another. This is why we are always flexible in our security system designs.

Next-Day Service - If you are in search of instant peace of mind, Sound Protection can install your new security system the next day. Our technicians can come at a time that’s convenient for you and work quickly to have your new system operating that same day. We mean it when we say, “If you’re available, we’re available.”

Low-Impact - Our technicians are highly-trained and will do their best to make the installation process as low-impact as possible. They understand that customers don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they are installing a security system. With our installation processes and attentive staff, you’ll barely even notice we were there.


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When you call us, we’ll discuss things such as what type of home you have, your square footage, and what you’re looking for in a security system.


Next-Day Service

If you’re available, we’re available. We can install your new security system the next day, bringing you instant peace of mind.


Training & Support

No matter what you’re looking to have installed, our well-trained team of technicians can help provide the support you need.

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In the United States, a burglary occurs once every 13 seconds.


Without a security system, your home is 3x more likely to be targeted by a burglar.


Police solve less than 15% of reported burglaries, primarily due to lack of footage.

What Our Customers Say

"Dan is an excllent professional to work with. From the initial consultation to the follow ups after installation, he is very knowledged and honest. I'm very satisfied with his service and quality of work."

David C., Salt Lake City Homeowner

"We had been recently having some trouble with security. We called Sound Protection and Dan answered during a holiday weekend to schedule a time he could come out and take a look. Showed up on time for pre-install and install. Made sure we were happy with the system and gave us the best price for our system and of course we were paying for the system, quality of service and more."

William L., West Jordan Homeowner

"Dan's work is awesome! He made time in his schedule for an immediate project, arrived punctually, and provide superior work. Highly recommend."

Laurie H., Pleasant Grove Homeowner

"This company was the best. Same day service because we were in a pinch with my alarm was acting weird going off in the middle of the night with failure alerts. Showed up within my scheduling requirements on time. Clean cut mature gentleman had the system operative in 15 minutes. I had been trying to find someone to help with this for months and felt lucky to finally run across them from the HomeAdvisor referral. If I had a problem I'd call again. Highly recommend. Good guy award."

Marty E., Salt Lake City Homeowner

"Dan is great to work with and his willingness to meet expectations makes him above average in working with contractors."

Scott B., Cottonwood Heights Homeowner

"Very good, accomodating and flexible as my hours were not easy to work with."

Julie H., South Jordan Homeowner

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